Proven Methods To Clean Up Carpet Stains After The Holidays

Dec 31, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning, General Cleaning Tips, Healthy Home, Stain Removal

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It’s time to ring in the new year and say farewell to another magical holiday season. It’s been a time of gathering and making memories with those you love most—which has likely included some pretty delicious food. 


Have your carpets suffered through spills and stains this holiday season? If so, don’t worry! Chem-Dry carpet cleaners in Castaic, California have specially formulated solutions to protect and deep clean your carpets without the stress. 


Treating Holiday Carpet Stains


As you’ve likely experienced, the risk of carpet stains is significantly higher during the holidays. Plus, this colder time of year also means wet, muddy stains will likely be tracked onto your floors, too. 


More guests in your home and more time having pets indoors makes it inevitable for things like pet urine stains and odors, soda, wine, chocolate, and more to come in contact with your carpets. 


The most important thing to keep in mind when stains occur is to act fast. The longer a stain sits on your carpet fibers, the more difficult it will be to remove. Keep a store-bought carpet stain remover on hand to use at the first sign of stains, or make your own cleaning solution using ¼ cup vinegar, 1 tbsp dish soap, and warm water. 


Spray the cleaning solution of your choice over the stain, let it sit for several minutes, then gently blot the area dry. Repeat these steps as needed until the stain is gone.


Also, remember that protecting your carpet before stains occur is crucial. Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once each year. As part of the carpet cleaning process, Chem-Dry can apply a specially formulated carpet stain protectant that adds a shielding barrier around each carpet fiber—helping them to repel liquid and other stains. 


Carpet Cleaners In Castaic, California 


Chem-Dry of Santa Clarita Valley can help you enjoy the holiday season without the stress of keeping your carpets clean. Our carpet cleaning service can help protect your floors, and if stains do happen, we’re equipped to eliminate them in your own with our premier carpet cleaning and stain removal services. 


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