How Often Do I Really Need To Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Jan 30, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

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With the ever growing list of to-do’s around the home, you might be asking yourself, how often do I really need to have my carpets cleaned?

Carpet cleaning in Newhall is our specialty at Chem-Dry. Not only does it help keep your home fresh and maintained, but it’s actually a necessity in the home. 

This isn’t just a luxury service, but one you truly need for a clean, happy home. Let’s take a look at why it matters to make carpet cleaning in Newhall a part of your routine, and how often you should schedule this service in your home.

Why Routine Carpet Cleaning Matters 

Every day, carpets face a significant amount of traffic. Things like dirt, germs, and various particles can stain and wear down carpet fibers. 

It’s important to clean carpets using professional grade equipment on a regular basis to help boost the longevity of your flooring and also make sure your home is free from the contaminants carpets so easily absorb. 

If you have pets in the home, you can add pet hair, dander, and stains to the list of things your carpets hold. When pets relieve themselves on carpet and it dries, potent odor crystals remain trapped below and will continue releasing nasty smells unless professionally removed. 

Professional carpet cleaning in Newhall and Chem-Dry pet urine removal are essential to help maintain a clean, happy home. 

How Often To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Our recommendation is to have your carpets cleaned at least annually. If there are pets in the home, increase that frequency to every 4-6 months. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Newhall, California

We proudly use only natural, non-toxic ingredients in our specially formulated carpet cleaning solution. Plus, our revolutionary carbonated cleaning method uses a fraction of the moisture compared to steam cleaners—leading to faster dry times and less environmental impact. 

We’re proud to be your partner for maintaining a clean, happy home!  

Request your appointment for carpet cleaning in Newhall today.