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Jun 26, 2024 | Healthy Home, Tile Cleaning

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7 Reasons To Choose Tile Finishes In Your Home

There are an array of finishes to choose from for accents and flooring in your home, so why opt for tile? 

This unique material comes in an endless combination of styles and patterns, and also offers benefits that stand out compared to other flooring options. Here are some undeniable reasons to choose tile from the Chem-Dry experts for tile cleaning in Castaic


#1 – Tile Resists Moisture


In humid climates or rooms of the home exposed to more moisture like bathrooms and kitchens, tile is a smart flooring choice. It repels moisture as well as spills and stains and is a low-maintenance material in these areas.


#2 – Tile Is A Highly Durable Material


Tile is ideal in both indoor and outdoor high traffic areas. It resists stains and dirt and doesn’t easily damage or fade like carpet or hardwood. 


#3 – Tile Is More Eco-Friendly


Tile is often made using recycled or eco-friendly materials like clay, glass, or sand. Another benefit is that tile can help keep homes cooler, conserving energy during hot months. 


#4 – Tile Offers Beautiful Style 


Tile floors and accents provide unique texture, color, and patterns for various spaces. It’s available in a wide selection of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that brings an original design to your space. 


#5 – Tile Can Add Value To Your Home 


Custom tile finishes are considered an upgrade and can help boost your home’s resale value and appeal to future buyers.  


#6 – Tile Is An Affordable Flooring Choice


In general, tile is significantly more affordable compared to other options like hardwood. Its durability and low-maintenance can also help save you more in the long run. 


#7 – Tile Is Low Maintenance And Easy To Care For


Tile requires little maintenance. Regular sweeping and mopping matter, as do professional tile cleaning in Castaic. But compared to other flooring, tile can be cared for with ease. 


Tile Cleaning In Castaic


Tile will need to be deep cleaned and resealed periodically, but not to worry! This is something Chem-Dry can do for you. We specialize in preserving tile floors to help them last and look stunning in your home for many years ahead. 

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