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When it comes to household cleaners, there are countless different brands, recipes, and recommendations for cleaning solutions on different surfaces. So how can you best narrow down your options to stock up on cleaners that are essential for your home? 

An important rule of thumb to remember is that different surfaces in your home really do require different types of cleaners—but this doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you know the basics! 

House Cleaner Essentials And Where To Use Them

Here are a few staples to keep in your home cleaning kit, as well as recommendations for where they should and shouldn’t be used. 

Homemade Cleaners

DIY cleaners are popular among those looking for an affordable, more natural solution. They’re typically made with a combination of water, lemon or vinegar, and their acidic nature make them effective at breaking down grease, soap scum, and hard water stains. 

These types of cleaners are generally safe for us on tile, tubs, and showers, but can dull the appearance of natural stone like limestone, marble, or granite. Homemade cleaners also shouldn’t be used on knives, wood, or grout since they can eat away at these finishes. 


It’s key to note that not all cleaners contain disinfecting properties. When cleaning germy, bacteria filled areas like countertops, tubs, kitchen sinks, or door handles, make sure to use a cleaner that kills bacteria. 

You can’t go wrong with an all-purpose cleaner, just make sure it’s listed on the label to kill germs. Also follow instructions to see if it’s required to let a cleaner sit for a period of time before wiping it clean in order for it to disinfect the area.

Acrylic And Glass Cleaners

To avoid scratches or streaks on glass surfaces, first dust the surface with a damp or microfiber cloth. Next, try a mixture of 2 tablespoons ammonia for every 1 quart of water, or a speciality glass cleaner. 

All-Purpose Cleaners

These typically come in either a liquid or powder form and can be diluted with water if needed. All-purpose cleaners work well on countertops, tile, appliances, and linoleum or laminate floors. 

Be cautious when using all purpose cleaners on steel appliances as they often leave behind streaks. Instead, try a specialty stainless cleaner. Also avoid using all-purpose cleaners on hardwood floors. And for tougher areas with mildew, mold, or stains, try a stronger speciality cleaner rather than an all-purpose formula. 

Abrasive Cleaners 

These cleaners have a gritty texture and come in either powder or liquid form or as scrubbing pads. They contain small minerals that put in extra elbow grease for you on tough areas like utensils, pans, tile floors, ovens, stove burner pans, and bathtubs. 

Abrasive cleaners shouldn’t be used on metal surfaces or other areas that can be corroded or scratched. 

Chlorine Bleach

Bleach is effective for removing mildew and brightening discolor surfaces. It’s designed specially for areas like toilet bowls and tubs, but not for porous grout, wood or metal surfaces that can be corroded. 

Bleach is a powerful cleaning solution, but should be used with caution. Also keep in mind that bleach simply hides mold by whitening it rather than removing it, so you’ll want to use a speciality cleaner on moldy areas. 

Specialty Cleaners

You’re probably noticing a theme here with the term “speciality cleaners.” In many instances, a speciality cleaner is the best option. There are many cleaners out their designed for specific surfaces—like bathrooms, kitchens, glass, stainless steel, and hardwood floors. Their chemical makeup is tailor made to target things like hard water, mineral build up, and bacteria in a way that’s safe for certain surfaces. 

There are also speciality cleaners available for carpet and upholstery that should be used with caution and limited amounts of moisture. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners will be able to offer the right recommendations for you. 

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