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How To Train Your Dog NOT To Pee On Carpet

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives—as well as some pretty nasty odors and stains. But the good news is, there are proven methods for training your pup not to relieve themselves on your floors—plus an effective pet urine odor removal treatment for when accidents do...

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Why It Matters To Use The Right Cleaning Solution

When it comes to household cleaners, there are countless different brands, recipes, and recommendations for cleaning solutions on different surfaces. So how can you best narrow down your options to stock up on cleaners that are essential for your home?  An important...

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5 Benefits Of Having Your Area Rugs Cleaned

As you know, the perfect area rug at the right price point can be difficult to find. That’s all the more motivation to preserve and take care of them.   Check out these 5 key reasons why it’s so important to have your area rugs cleaned regularly.   1 - Save...

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5 Qualities To Look For In A Carpet Cleaner

The carpets in your home require maintenance and care—which is why there are so many carpet cleaners out there competing for your business.   If you’re having trouble narrowing down which company to choose, that’s ok. It’s an important decision, and these 5 key...

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How Often To Clean Your Upholstery

Think about how much time you spend on your couch. Now consider how often you have it professionally cleaned.   Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The average person rarely has their couch cleaned, even though this is probably one of the dirtiest items in the home....

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How Clean Carpets Can Help Boost Your Business

Have you considered the impact your office environment could have on employee productivity?   It’s true—recent studies show that the atmosphere where people spending so many of their waking hours working has a significant impact on their happiness, productivity,...

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Maintaining Rugs in High Traffic Areas

It’s easy to cover the high traffic areas of your home with a rug. The decision to place a rug down could significantly extend the life or your carpet saving you time and money. However, do you protect your rugs? Here are some great tips that...

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