Best Methods For Cleaning Different Types Of Tile

Feb 23, 2022 | Tile Cleaning

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tile cleaners in castiacAs part of your regular cleaning routine, it’s important to know best practices for cleaning and maintaining different tile materials. That’s what our team of professional tile cleaners in Castaic is here for—to help make your tile last for years to come, and empower each customer to care for theirs in between our visits. 

Tile cleaning doesn’t have to be arduous—in fact, it can be simple and effective with the right methods. Here are some of our tried and true tips. 

Ceramic And Porcelain Tile 

Sweep or vacuum tile first, then mop using warm water and a small amount of cleaning detergent. Be sure to avoid any chemical cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach, or acids on porcelain or ceramic tile.

After you’re done mopping, go over your floors again with just warm water to remove any streaks or residue. For ceramic and porcelain wall tiles or backsplash, follow the same method using a microfiber cloth. 

If your tiles look foggy after the cleaning process, use a non-abrasive all purpose cleaner to wipe them down one last time and make them shine. 

Polished Tile

Sweep, vacuum, or wipe down polished tile with a soft cloth. Be sure to select a mop that won’t leave behind streaks. Chamois style mops are our favorite for polished tile. 

Mop using warm water and gentle detergent. Dry polished tile quickly before it can dry with smudges or streaks, then buff it till it shines using a microfiber towel. 

Natural Stone Tile

Slate, granite, marble, and other natural stone tiles can damage easily, so treat them with extra care. Avoid harsh chemicals, vinegar, lemon, and other abrasive solutions or tools. Instead, use a specialty cleaner that is acid free. You may choose one that’s made especially for your specific tile material. 


Porous grout absorbs moisture, dirt, stains, and more. Caring for it properly is essential for making it’s safe and that it lasts. 

Clean grout using a solution made of one part water and two parts baking soda until it forms a paste. Scrub the grout with the mixture using a cleaning brush. Also be sure to have a professional tile cleaner in Castaic reseal your grout on a regular basis. 

Tile Cleaners In Castaic

It matters to stay on top of routine tile cleaning daily, weekly, and monthly. Also enlist the help of tile cleaners in Castaic on a regular basis to help you tile last for years to come. 

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