area rug cleaning santa clarita valley

It can definitely feel like a daunting task to keep your Santa Clarita home clean. So if your rugs haven’t gotten much care lately, don’t stress. With professional area rug cleaning from Chem-Dry, you can breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner, safer home. 


Here are a few key reasons why Chem-Dry area rug cleaning is an essential part of any cleaning routine. 


#1 – Area rugs collect bacteria, allergens, and viruses. 


If you want to keep your home free from germs, it’s important to remember your rugs. These are hot spots for bacteria, allergens, and even dangerous viruses. Think about it—whatever is tracked into your home or found floating around in the air will eventually make its way onto your rugs. 


If the thought of what’s hiding in your rugs makes your squirm, Chem-Dry can help with area rug cleaning that actually eliminates allergens and bacteria in the process. 


#2 – Chem-Dry area rug cleaning removes and helps prevent stains. 


It’s true that Chem-Dry leads the industry at removing stains from rugs and more. But did you know we can actually help protect your rugs from future stains, too? 


We never use soapy, dirt-attracting cleaners that leave behind sticky residue (unlike our competitors). We can also apply a specially formulated protectant to help fortify and strengthen your rig fibers so they can repel liquid and other stains. 


#3 – Chem-Dry area rug cleaning can save you money. 


It’s true that professional area rug cleaning is an added expense up front, but the investment is well worth it. When you take care of your rugs, you can help them last significantly longer so you won’t have to replace them in a few short years. 


Area Rug Cleaning In Santa Clarita, California


Stay on top of your cleaning routine with help from Chem-Dry of Santa Clarita Valley. Your area rugs will be in the best hands with our professional team. 


Our ultimate goal is not just to make your home look its best, but to help our customers and our community be protected from bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the process. We look forward to serving you soon. 


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